The Interns….

…oh, the interns.

On May 7th I was welcomed into the Bozell family, well at least temporarily. I was offered the CWS/New Business summer internship position. Along with 5other interns, now, I get to explore the many different functions and personalities in an ad agency. Needless to say, it has been a very rewarding experience so  far.

Tara-she likes to be on Facebook, Me, Ryan- the creative designer guy, Lauren- the responsible one (account manager), Chayse- the slightly less responsible one (account manager).

My duties with the CWS mainly revolve around three client tailgates. While CWS, Inc. has been one of Bozell’s clients for 50+ years, the tailgates were for our major clients: 2 tailgates for First National Bank and 1 for a combination of clients. With the position I have had to order chairs, vans, buses and food for the tailgates, along with claiming some territory at 7:30 am in the parking lot each tailgate day. But the most important job of my day was to protect the booze from random Stony Brook fans who were ultimately on the verge of burning down the stadium and employees who were stumbling around mumbling, “It’s flive-o-cock somewar.”

I have stepped up to the task of protecting the coveted Bozell booze and use my Styrofoam sword to ward off anyone who has any wrong or dirty intentions with the overwhelming supply of Summer Shady.


The first tailgate was wet! I don’t know what made me think wearing my TOMS was a good idea? Some guy said, “well those aren’t very expensive shoes. You can buy another. They’re TOMS, right?” Fucker, yes they’re TOMS! These are like foot gold!

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