My Favorite Little Ones

I don’t really like kids. I’m not sure if I’ll ever want kids but I definitely love kids I know (for about 30 minutes until I can return them to their owners).

These are my favorite little kiddos right now (and likely until they can ask me “Are you wearing any makeup?”


My little mister/dude. This is my only nephew and possibly only ever. While I love his many personalities, this kid knows how to put a person down and make them go sit in a corner. Man is he gonna be a trouble maker…


This little doll is Kevin’s cousin but might as well be his niece. I remember him telling me funny stories about her when we met in California and now I’m so glad I got to meet her. She and her brother my be my favorite tots because they didn’t grow up around me like my cousins to know my bossy and controlling ways of playing school and house. Almost every time I see her she is wearing some different princess dress.

This little guy, Owen (brother of princess Lauren- I think he’d rather be a dragon than a prince), will be 3 in August but is a destructive little boy. He is so funny and clumsy, he just barrels through any roadblock and laughs.


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